What is The Perfect Diet Plan for Everyone?

What is The Perfect Diet Plan for Everyone?

If you are curious to know the perfect diet plan that works for everyone – it’s no hidden secret. But the problem is whether you are conscious enough of your health to follow the diet plan. The most common questions wandering in your mind are if the perfectdiet payoff with optimum health, endurance performance, fat loss, sensory food pleasure or may be some other benefits. The answers to all of these are how you prioritize according to your needs.

For younger who want to lose fat, you must chose all the nutritional goodies that not only optimize health but also provide you less than 1200 calories. The diet that promises health and slimness requires you to trade off some enjoyment in order to get oriented results.

Nutritional recommendations based on research points that we should minimize saturated fats like full-cream milk, butter, red meat because the bad fats food raise blood cholesterol and contribute to heart diseases. So relying to a good proportion on foods in the forms of fresh vegetables, fruits are very good for health. To start the perfect diet plan, you must follow the food group serving recommendations and dietary guidelines.

The daily serving for the perfect diet plan.2 serves (150g/serve) of fruits.1-2 serves (80-100g/serve) of fish, chicken, lean meat or non-animal alternative.3-4 serves of veggies.3 serves of dairy products (1/4 ml milk, 200g yoghurt, 40g cheese)3-5 serves of cereals (30g breakfast whole grain cereal, half cup cooked pasta, 1 slice bread)

If you stick to these daily servings, you are getting less carbohydrate and more protein.

After managing the daily diet, you must also ensure intake of nutrients to optimize your health. Nutrients will help you maximize physical and mental performance and fight off disease. The foods enrich with omega-3 plays a vital role in your overall health. Just like vitamins and minerals, we need to eat omega-3s to fulfill the requirement of the body. Moreover, 500-600 mg/day omega-3 intake reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and also helps to prevent the mental health problems. It can be obtained through seafood, eggs, to a lesser extent in meat, canola oil, walnuts, and linseeds.

The perfect diet plan should also include fruits and vegetables as both contain antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C. Fresh green veggies will really oxygenate your blood.  5-7 servers of fruits & vegetables is a good daily target. Try to avoid taking supplements containing antioxidants – because the benefits of organic and fresh foods are greater then the supplementation.

Taking a well-balanced diet made up of fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt, eggs, fish, lean meat, skimmed milk, grains, and beans will ensure your health and fitness. Besides taking good foods avoid carbonated drinks, reduce alcohol consumption; switch from coffee to green tea that will contribute in taking the full benefits of the perfect diet.