Spot Reduction For Targeted Fat Loss On Specific Body Parts

Spot Reduction For Targeted Fat Loss On Specific Body Parts

Spot reduction, losing weight in a specific area of your body, is something a lot of people are looking for.

How can I lose fat around my thighs? Hips? Waist? Arms?

As a fitness coach, I have gotten this question quite often. My answer? You cant!

The concept of spot reduction follows the notion that you can train a specific muscle and this will result in fat loss in that area.

This concept in the fitness setting is more difficult to get rid of than the stubborn fat itself.

Training trouble areas using isolated exercises instead of a comprehensive approach will not help you achieve your goals.

We are all guided by fitness magazines, the Internet, and even trainers with programs that targetmuffin tops with weighted side bendsspare tires with lower abdominal crunchesgranny arms with triceps kickbacks

If you are already lean, these exercises are great for their respective areas. However, if you are looking to get lean, then this approach will likely leave you frustrated and unsuccessful.

Does Spot Reduction Work?

Unfortunately, no. Here is why spot reduction does not work.

This concept usually targets relatively small muscles through exercises that are relatively insignificant in terms of overall fitness, strength and energy expenditure.

Overall fitness, not small muscle fatigue, is a strong determinant of your bodys ability to burn fat.

Individuals who are very fit burn fat more efficiently than those who are not.

There is still hope!

But again, we must shift our mindset.

Want To Truly Achieve Spot Reduction And Tone Up Specific Areas?

Instead of stressing about those trouble areas that we all have, focus on becoming more fit overall.

As your fitness level increases, so does your bodys ability to burn fat more efficiently. Focus on total fat loss instead of specific areas and your goals will soon be attained.