Knowing And Maintaining Your Healthy Weight

Knowing And Maintaining Your Healthy Weight

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a crucial part of staying well and keeping healthy. A healthy weight, medically, is the the ideal weight for your height and being a healthy weight isn’t just about losing weight, sometimes it entails gaining some weight or maintaining the weight you already have. How do you tell if you’re a healthy weight?

To determine if you’re the right weight for your height, it is common to use a calculation of your body mass index, BMI. This is calculated by dividing your weight, in kilograms, by the square of your height, in meters. The square of your height being your height multiplied by itself. There are tables available by which you can use your height to trace your healthy weight for your height, or alternatively you can use some specialist weight machines available in some health centres and pharmacies.

Your BMI tells you if you’re underweight, right weight or overweight. The following are the generally accepted BMI standards to use:

Less than 18.5 – you’re underweight and would benefit from putting on some helthy weight

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18.5 to 24.5 – you’re a healthy weight and should strive to maintain this weight
25 to 27.9 – you’re overweight and should try to lose weight
28 and more – you’re obese and should lose weight as your health is at serious risk

Once you know what the healthy weight for your height is and what your actual weight is, you can now actually start the process of losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining your ideal weight. That are a lot of resources and tips to help you do just that, and healthy eating is just is just one of the best things you could adopt to take control of your weight.

As you probably already know, healthy eating is about balance and making wise and healthy food choices. It is about eating right and in the right proportions. Choose nutrient-dense foods over calorie-dense ones, to stand a better chance of getting all the essential nutrients you need, without the excess aclories. Add to that physical activity and you’re well on the path to achieving your healthy weight. Physical activity and exercise not only helps you burn fat, but it also helps you build up muscles giving you lean weight rather than unhealthy fat weight.

Whatever your reasons are for striving for and maintaining a healthy weight, there are numerous health benefits attached, ranging from fertility perks, healthy heart and prevention of serious health conditions, including some cancers and stroke. The power is in your hands. Choose healthy weight and take control of your weight.