Hide Your IP With TorGuard VPN Service

Hide Your IP With TorGuard VPN Service

Anyone could get to us by knowing our physical address, like our house address. But do you know that similarly, people could get to you and even your data by just knowing your IP address. Bad people like hackers and crackers using such a powerful tool like the internet, can send your trojans and viruses just by knowing your IP address.

To prevent this from happening, you need to hide your IP address from such people. This can be easily achieved using a popular VPN service named TorGuard.

Lets get to know TorGuard VPN service in details and the service it can provide you.

Anonymous VPN to Hide Your IPIP address is analogous to fingerprints or DNA in the real world. Each individual has a different fingerprint/DNA. Same is the case in the virtual world. Each connection that you establish to the internet is made via a unique IP address. If someones gets your IP address, he can use it to harm your identity and your data.

ISPs and Network admins often use this IP address to keep track of our surfing behavior. An IP address can be used to identify you, and if you are found to be from a country like China, you may not be given to access to websites like Facebook, Youtube etc.

To prevent all this from happening, you could use this awesome Anonymous VPN service from TorGuard and Hide your IP address.

Anonymous Email

We send and receive emails on a daily basis. But have you ever given a thought about the security of these mails. With some modern cracking methods, crackers can get access to your mails and easily read the contents of your precious mails. You would surely not want this to be happening.

You can prevent your mails by using the Anonymous Email service by TorGuard. TorGuard provides 10MB of free email storage. To remove this data limitation you would need to pay a small subscription fee of 5.33$ per month.

Torrent VPN Service

Torrents are the best way to get access to rare resources and copyrighted content for free. Use of torrents also makes it easy to share content with a large group of people. But do you know that you could be issued a harrowing letter from your ISP on making excessive use of torrents.

ISPs and Torrent monitoring group keep track of IP address involved in using torrents. You can prevent getting a harrowing letter by using this amazing service named Torrent VPN service from TorGuard. TorGuard offers complete step by step guide to configure your existing torrent client or install a pre-configured torrent client from their portal.


Servers in UK, USA, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Romania

More than 200 IP address to choose from

Unlimited Speed

Unlimited Bandwidth

Secure 256 bit encryption

No Logs VPN service24 hour free trial account and 30 days money back guarantee

Supported on PC, Mobiles, iPad, IPod etc

Works smoothly on Windows XP/7/Vista/8, Mac, IOS, Android and Ubuntu

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Plans and Pricing

Have a look at the price of various plans by TorGuard.

You can make a payment for their services via




Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)


TorGuard is one of the most popular VPN service because of its awesome features and reasonable rates. You could trust on TorGuard VPN blindly as it has made itself appear as a brand when it comes to online privacy protection. I recommend all of you guys use the service by TorGuard and have fun surfing anonymously.