Essential Elements of Quality Air Mattress Sleeping

Essential Elements of Quality Air Mattress Sleeping

Do you want to make your air mattress sleeping experience restful and pleasant? Tired of being cold, uncomfortable and waking up with back and neck pain? Sleeping on an air bed for any period of time does not have to be something to dread. With the right choices, the experience can come pretty close to sleeping in a really comfortable “regular” bed.

To begin with, choosing a high quality air bed will start you off on the right track. You could go for a low end model, but you’ll be taking a huge risk in the comfort department. At least with the higher end models you know they are usually “raised” air beds, getting your body up off the floor, and they probably have comfort control air chambers that can be adjusted to your liking. If you don’t get an elevated bed, your next best choice is a sturdy air bed frame. Besides keeping you off the cold floor, it provides a solid foundation to sleep on, just like a box spring for a mattress. They also help to keep the airbed in one place on the floor. You won’t end up slip-sliding around all night with a quality air mattress frame supporting you.

The next items to consider are air mattress toppers and good quality sheets. There are a couple of reasons these make great additions to your airbed purchase. First, they provide a sort of warmth barrier between your body and the plastic material of the air bed. This is especially important if your bed does not have a flocking material as a topper. The PVC vinyl of the air mattress tends to get cold at night, and a topper provides some separation. These items also provide a little protection from spills as well. They come in most standard airbed sizes. The topper also keeps the sheets from coming undone and off of the air mattress. Again, your goal is to be comfortable, so anything that allows you to rest is a good thing.

The final item I would include would be a high quality pillow. Maybe a down pillow or gel filled model, depending on your sleeping preferences. Most people who use air mattresses ignore the impact of a good pillow, which doesn’t make much sense. Why wake up with neck pain when you could have had a nice pillow to support your head? It’s a simple but often overlooked addition that can make all the difference in getting a good nights rest.

In summary, it’s not as hard to enjoy restful, comfortable sleep on an airbed as you may have thought. By focusing in on a few key items, you can get the added support and comfort that can make your night on the airbed an enjoyable one.

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