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IN SITU 01 by Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning



IN SITU 01, by Malmö-based Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning, is the first in their series of furniture inspired by temporary construction structures at building sites. In this design, the functional form is exposed, but its finishes upgraded and the aesthetic refined: flooring framework used for casting concrete slabs serves as the surface, but smooth and lightly oiled, and the adjustable telescopic supports are lightweight, with a clean white finish.

More at: Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning

Six Picks: The Pepper Grinder

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Thought to be invented by Peugeot in 1842 (the French company was manufacturing metal tools before the cars we know today), the handheld pepper grinder has had many incarnations; from the giant thing over your shoulder at an Italian restaurant, to the battery powered device in your gourmand relative’s cupboard, it hasn’t always been pretty. These days, the pepper mill has made its way into almost every household, not only for pepper, but for salt and spices. While the classic Peugeot will always be in style, and you can’t deny the beauty of a vintage Jens Quistgaard for Dansk teak grinder, here is a selection of modernized grinders that bring smart design to the dining table (and a set of laboratory-style shakers, for good measure).

1. Norway Says for Muuto, $62; 2. Par Cork Shakers Set by Nendo for Materia, $50; 3. Tower Grinders by Tom Dixon, $85, $75; 4. Menu Grinder Set by Norm Copenhagen $62; 5. Ori by Hay, $35; 6. Graph by Jens Fager for Petite Friture, $82

LAMP-01 by Carlos Santaella




At the intersection of industrial design and Nordic-inspired cool is LAMP-01, by Carlos Santaella. The wood frame (in beech or pine) features a matte black finish, and suspended inside is a 20-watt fluorescent, flood-style bulb.

Santaella’s Querétaro, Mexico-based design studio works with partners designing residential furniture and lighting, LAMP-01 is his first consumer release.

More at: Carlos Santaella

LAMP-01 is available to order online at Snob Cultural.

Revolution Glassware by FFerrone Design

Revolution Glassware by FFerrone Design

Revolution Glassware by FFerrone Design

Though Chicago-based designer Felicia Ferrone’s Revolution glassware collection has been out for a few years, there is nothing trendy or dated about these thoughtfully minimalist designs. The glasses may look delicate, but the hand-blown borosilicate is safe for extreme temperatures, an excellent vehicle for experiments in molecular mixology. The suspended-in-air design is not only striking, but clever in that the glasses can be inverted to serve as a different size.

Available at: FFerrone Design

An excellent companion: Molecule-R’s Cocktail R-Evolution Kit

Volume Lamp by GamFratesi

Volume Lamp by GamFratesi


Volume Lamp by GamFratesi

Recalling stereo dials of the 1980s, GamFratesi’s Volume table lamp is controlled by rotating its palm-sized shade to increase or decrease light output. The die-cast aluminum and acrylic design, manufactured by Danish company Lightyears, underlines the fact that clever and intuitive design is best left perfectly understated.

More at: Lightyears

La Corbeille by Cédric Canaud

The first design from Cédric Canaud’s new collection, Mimetisme, is La Corbeille, a construct-it-yourself multifunctional piece that can serve as anything from a minimalist sculpture, to fruit bowl, or even a laundry bin. The material is sharply cut laminated paper, a lightweight imitation of plywood; this visual likeness being the intention of the Mimetisme collection, which explores material imitations, with references to sculpture and institutional design.

Available in two sizes, at: Cédric Canaud

“Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.”

— Anaïs Nin

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

1. Papabubble Hard Candy, $15; 2. René Redzepi: A Work in Progress, $60; 3. Massimo Vignelli Clear Mug, $12; 4. Pat Kim’s Soap on a Rope, $16; 5. Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush, $7

6. Acne Studios Pajama Shirt, $320; 7. A Lab on Fire Perfume, $110; 8. Gabriela Artigas Tusk Ring, $195;
9. Lite+Cycle Vetiver Pillar Candle, $36; 10.Takahiro Kurashima: Poemotion 1, $25

Irregular Vases by Acne Studios

Acne Studios has just released a limited collection of irregular glass vases, available only in specifically chosen Acne Stores. The sculptural, one-of-a-kind forms that initially evoke a sense glasswork gone wrong, are a covetable collector’s item, etched at the bottom, and presented in a specially-designed Acne gift box.

$460, available only in Acne stores; to find out if they are available near you, contact [email protected].

Harbour Attic by Gosplan

Just under 400 square feet seems like an unimaginable amount of space to contain two bedrooms, a studio, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom; but in the small fishing village of Camogli, Italy, architecture studio Gosplan have devised a functional, transforming space, wherein the room structure serves as its own furniture, and despite the small size, is quite hospitable.

It isn’t news that less clutter equates to better living, and Gosplan’s design is a great testament to that case.

This well-thought, comfortable, and stylish living space should serve as inspiration for all of us, living in large or small dwellings.

More at: Gosplan

Photos: Anna Positano