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Opening Ceremony SS14: Into the Light

Opening Ceremony features their Spring/Summer 2014, street racing-inspired collection in this short film, Into the Light, directed by Maryam L’Ange. Alongside model Martin Cohn, you might recognize Olympic fencer Race Imboden as one of the leads in a narrative the director describes as “a glimpse into a New York love story.”

Bjørg – Heresy

Norwegian jewelry label Bjørg has released a short film titled Heresy, associated with their 2012 collection. Though potentially disturbing, the imagery in this film is undoubtedly dreamlike and builds an interesting narrative for the jewelry. Heresy is the third in a series of short films directed by Matias and Mathias for Bjørg, and the landscape-heavy, somber theme extends to the collection’s lookbook, which is definitely worth exploring for that reason, and to admire Bjørg’s organic but unusually futuristic forms.

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The Golden Filter – Syndromes

In collaboration with Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli, The Golden Filter have released a six-song soundtrack attached to a short film titled Syndromes. The film is a very atmospheric piece, with an eerie narrative that complements the music perfectly. The soundtrack has been released digitally, and also in a very limited vinyl edition, which includes a DVD of the film.

La Jetée by Chris Marker

La Jetée is a 1962 French science fiction short film by Chris Marker. Constructed almost entirely from optically printed photographs, the black and white film runs twenty-eight minutes. It features voice narration alongside a Trevor Duncan score, though is without dialogue (with the exception of muttering and whispering).

The setting is an underground, post-WWIII Paris, in which psychological experiments pertaining to time travel are conducted in an effort to find answers and tools for survival. Chosen for his deep-rooted memory, the film’s focus is on one man’s journey. During this experimentation, he is able to travel backward in time, where he spends time with a woman of his memories. The subject is then directed to the future, where he is given the capability to regenerate the destroyed society. When he realizes he is to be executed in the current, experimental period, he is offered refuge in the future, but requests instead to return to his pre-war past. When his request is granted, the subject finds himself in a scene depicted in the prologue, at Orly airport, where he sees the woman from his memories, and then the reality of his fate.

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