7 Easy Steps to Lose Weight in Winter With Minimum Effort

7 Easy Steps to Lose Weight in Winter With Minimum Effort

Weight gain during winter period has come to be accepted as a common phenomenon; somewhat compared to the freshman 15 pounds.

Unfortunately, this has contributed negatively to the lifestyle of many people, many of who have accepted it as the cycle of life every year.

This, however, does not mean that you have to be in this category as it is possible to maintain and actually lose weight during winter.

Though the weather isn’t on your side and has a direct effect on you, below are 7 ways to lose weight in winter that will see you attain an enviable figure in no time.

1. Have short work out sessions

Whatever period it is, whether it’s during the summer spring or winter the fact that you need exercise to lose weight does not change at all.

This means that you have to perform a meaningful form of physical exercise in order to shed the excess pounds.

As it is a norm, you might not feel up to it and normally would like to sleep in.

Good advice; in order to lose weight don’t skip your workout.

Opt for shorter workouts sessions instead and get a move on with various indoor activities.

Try having high interval training for just 20 minutes or so.

If this doesn’t suit you well, choose hot yoga or martial arts.

This way you get to exercise and hence enable your body use the excess fat reserves and lose weight not matter what the weather’s like outside.

2. Get some sun

The first thing you should realize is that the weather will inevitably affect your body function ranging from the seasonal clock to moods and eating habits altogether.

This is largely due to the fact that the hormone serotonin is affected and thus mood swings and sleep patterns are affected.

In order to lose weight in winter, you have to understand and manipulate these changes to your advantage.

With changes in mood swings, it is easy to cave in to comfort eating or be depressed.

Getting some sun exposure early in the morning limits the effect of the climate change on your body function.

This means that you will be in better control of your actions and thus in a better position to stop eating when full and work out when you need to.

3. Increase protein

Another marvellous trick that can help you get rid of that fat once and for all or maintain it during winter is to actually pile your plate with protein.

Increase your normal intake of protein from 15 percent to 30 percent of your normal food intake.

In doing so, you get to feel fuller for longer as protein has a way to trick the brain that you have eaten more than you actually have and thus limiting the times that you eat in a day.

In a nutshell, even without doing anything else you get to lose weight as your calorie intake level is decreased by 400 or 500 calories which is enough for you to lose weight.

4. Limit Comfort food

Wintry frost and gloomy weather have the effect of making you feel that you have to constantly eat and this is largely understandable.

Things that you are accustomed to doing outdoors like; walking, hanging with friends in the park, hiking, rock climbing and bonding with people and nature is no longer a viable option.

Unfortunately as you find yourself stuck in the house for longer, it is quite easy to turn to comfort food to kill the boredom.

If you are serious about losing weight at all during winter, put this train of thought to a stop before you balloon to twice your weight before the end of winter.

Instead, turn to indoor games like board games and bowling.

If you feel that you have to eat, choose fruits, veggies and hot water cereals that have volume and bulk but are low in calories.

With this, you get to control the number of times you reach for that pie or mac and cheese and hence limit high-calorie intake.

5. Wear activity tracker

As previously established, it is important to exercise in order to lose weight.

However, this is not everyone’s preferred choice and getting any form of exercise is hard without even factoring the climate.

In order to lose weight, get in the habit of wearing your activity tracker if you have one, and if not get one.

Do this every day and aim for up to 10,000 steps or more a day in order to lose weight.

Though usually not seen as a fast way of losing weight, it is an effective method that ensures you don’t gain holiday weight and emerge, fitter than you ever were.

6. Increase water intake

The main tricks that one uses when trying to lose weight all year round are still very much applicable during the winter season.

As expected however the more effective advice that you should increase your water intake, almost always falls on deaf ears and few actually take it in consideration.

Without sugar coating, anything you should know that it is very hard to actually lose weight if you don’t drink six to eight glasses in a day.

As the temperature is lower, switch the iced water with hot water or tea and start sipping throughout the day.

As thirst is almost always confused with hunger, allow your body to differentiate the two by ensuring you are always hydrated.

This small difference limits the unnecessary eating you might be indulging in when you don’t need to.

7. Eat regularly

Finally in order for you to lose weight, ensure that you actually get in the habit of eating meals regularly.

As holiday parties are common, look for ways to avoid or to limit pigging out especially during social events.

To effectively do this, wake up early and eat a healthy breakfast.

Eat four to six meals a day ensuring that you keep an eye on the portions.

When you do have a function to attend, don’t be tempted to skip eating at all during the day as you might end up overcompensating later on.

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Worst case scenario is that you will end up sabotaging your weight loss efforts as everything will look appetizing, making you go for a second and third helping apart from a starter and dessert.