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Six Picks: The Pepper Grinder

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Thought to be invented by Peugeot in 1842 (the French company was manufacturing metal tools before the cars we know today), the handheld pepper grinder has had many incarnations; from the giant thing over your shoulder at an Italian restaurant, to the battery powered device in your gourmand relative’s cupboard, it hasn’t always been pretty. These days, the pepper mill has made its way into almost every household, not only for pepper, but for salt and spices. While the classic Peugeot will always be in style, and you can’t deny the beauty of a vintage Jens Quistgaard for Dansk teak grinder, here is a selection of modernized grinders that bring smart design to the dining table (and a set of laboratory-style shakers, for good measure).

1. Norway Says for Muuto, $62; 2. Par Cork Shakers Set by Nendo for Materia, $50; 3. Tower Grinders by Tom Dixon, $85, $75; 4. Menu Grinder Set by Norm Copenhagen $62; 5. Ori by Hay, $35; 6. Graph by Jens Fager for Petite Friture, $82

LAMP-01 by Carlos Santaella




At the intersection of industrial design and Nordic-inspired cool is LAMP-01, by Carlos Santaella. The wood frame (in beech or pine) features a matte black finish, and suspended inside is a 20-watt fluorescent, flood-style bulb.

Santaella’s Querétaro, Mexico-based design studio works with partners designing residential furniture and lighting, LAMP-01 is his first consumer release.

More at: Carlos Santaella

LAMP-01 is available to order online at Snob Cultural.

Luxury Essentials by håndværk



Premium materials and craftsmanship make for the foundation of håndværk, a collection of highest-quality staples by NY-based husband and wife team Esteban Saba and Petra Brichnacova. The couple’s shared interest in textiles inspired them to create the handmade and finished collection, based in three generations of small-scale family production. The elegantly minimal pieces perfectly strike a balance between luxury and necessity, and this theme extends to the handsome branding by Savvy Studio.


In New York, you can find håndværk’s collection at 3×1, at 15 Mercer Street, it is also available online.

More at: håndværk

A Tale of Plant & Pot: Kohei Oda and Adam Silverman


Oda X Silverman at Chariots on Fire

If you’re in the Los Angeles area this week, be sure to swing by creative studio and boutique Chariots on Fire, in Venice, where a collaboration between plant artist Kohei Oda and LA-based potter Adam Silverman is on display. A Tale of Plant & Pot is a creative collaboration that involves Oda’s full-of-personality specimens aptly complementing Silverman’s ceramic vessels, which take beautiful, unexpected forms and feature peculiar glazing. This exploration of the relationship between plant and pot also serves as a visual conversation between two artists: a potter and a horticulturalist.

Adam Silverman, LA Studio Director at Heath Ceramics, is an acclaimed potter and former architect. His work has been exhibited extensively in the US and Japan, where he has a dedicated following.

At Kohei Oda’s studio in Hiroshima, he composes many of his living sculptures through the practice of tissue grafting, a process that brings two pieces of plant together to grow singularly; the technique is not only an experiment in horticulture, but many of the pieces are salvaged from plants that would be considered imperfect or damaged.

A Tale of Plant & Pot runs through May 7  (extended from May 1) at Chariots on Fire, 1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney.

More at: Chariots on FireKohei OdaAdam Silverman
Images: Chariots on Fire