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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

1. Papabubble Hard Candy, $15; 2. René Redzepi: A Work in Progress, $60; 3. Massimo Vignelli Clear Mug, $12; 4. Pat Kim’s Soap on a Rope, $16; 5. Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush, $7

6. Acne Studios Pajama Shirt, $320; 7. A Lab on Fire Perfume, $110; 8. Gabriela Artigas Tusk Ring, $195;
9. Lite+Cycle Vetiver Pillar Candle, $36; 10.Takahiro Kurashima: Poemotion 1, $25

Irregular Vases by Acne Studios

Acne Studios has just released a limited collection of irregular glass vases, available only in specifically chosen Acne Stores. The sculptural, one-of-a-kind forms that initially evoke a sense glasswork gone wrong, are a covetable collector’s item, etched at the bottom, and presented in a specially-designed Acne gift box.

$460, available only in Acne stores; to find out if they are available near you, contact [email protected].

Harbour Attic by Gosplan

Just under 400 square feet seems like an unimaginable amount of space to contain two bedrooms, a studio, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom; but in the small fishing village of Camogli, Italy, architecture studio Gosplan have devised a functional, transforming space, wherein the room structure serves as its own furniture, and despite the small size, is quite hospitable.

It isn’t news that less clutter equates to better living, and Gosplan’s design is a great testament to that case.

This well-thought, comfortable, and stylish living space should serve as inspiration for all of us, living in large or small dwellings.

More at: Gosplan

Photos: Anna Positano

Perfume Architecture by Comme des Garçons

As a limited edition collection, Comme des Garçons has made-over three of their house fragrances: Wonderwood, CDG2, and Amazingreen. At the hands of Frédéric Couderc, master carpenter and one of the minds behind Comme des Garçons’ spaces, and artist Lindy Foss-Quillet, the iconic pebble-shaped bottle remains, but for this incarnation, is suspended in an industrial-style setting of metal and plexiglass.

$140, available online at Dover Street Market.

Snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov

These incredible, macro snowflake photographs are the work of Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov. One might assume that this sort of photography requires advanced equipment, but you might be surprised to find that Kljatov’s images are captured with a DIY camera he devised himself, consisting of an old, low-cost lens and a Canon Powershot camera, all held together by a board and plenty of tape. Kljatov shoots snowflakes on both glass and wool; the latter, combined with natural light, gives a quality of depth that is not present in other extreme close-up snowflake shots, which have become quite popular.

You can find more photos, and read about Kljatov’s process at his blog.