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Plug Lamp by ateljé Lyktan

This smart and very practical design is a collaboration between Sweden’s Form Us With Love design studio and ateljé Lyktan. The aluminum base of the lamp incorporates an electrical outlet, a utilitarian concept that remedies the issue of congested or hard-to-reach wall-sockets. The lamp’s simple form and glass shade offer style without being obtrusive in any way. Depending on your location, the “Europlug”-style outlet can be converted at the wall, making the lamp itself a tabletop converter for imported equipment, or can simply be used with a direct-converter.

$250, available at Scandinavian Design Center

3D Sculptures by Eyal Gever

Eyal Gever, an artist with a history in 3D design and creation, explores disaster and motion through his impressive sculptures. Composed of hanging, multiple layers, that include subtleties like depth and shadow, the sculptures make for a dimensional, remarkably realistic effect. This static translation of cataclysmic events results in a sense of peace and an unexpected beauty in stillness. Gever’s work includes sculptural depictions of a nuclear bomb, a large-scale smoke cloud, and a street explosion, among his other work that plays with form, sudden movement and destruction, as well as material.

More at: Eyal Gever

Frozen by Maxim & Katia Mezentsev

One minute of pure, icy beauty.

Winterizing with Bally

With cold weather approaching, it is time to take advantage of the comforts of winter dressing. One of my favorites for this winter is Bally’s Everest-inspired collection. Sure, a reindeer boot might seem over the top, but when put into context, it makes perfect sense. You see, in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first two men to summit Mt. Everest; Norgay in a pair of reindeer boots by Bally. That historic event served as the guide for Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz’s collection celebrating the ascent’s 60th anniversary. Pulling all the stops with cashmere, marmot, and down, as well as buttery leather, these may not be basics, but they are certainly staples in the most luxurious form.

More at: Bally