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Vintage Pencil Set by Antica Cartotecnica

Presented in an elegant, 50+-year-old cardstock folder, this collection of vintage pencils from Antica Cartotecnica is perhaps the loveliest of grab bags. The multi-generation stationary shop in the Piazza dei Caprettari in Rome hand-selects this unique set of five pencils, dating from the 1940s to the 1960s, each from a different maker or country of origin.

$30, available at Vetted 

“The man who wishes to possess objects of art must have not only the means to acquire them, but the skills to choose them—a skill made up of cultivation and judgment, combined with that feeling for beauty that no amount of study can give, but that study alone can quicken and render profitable.”

―Edith Wharton, The Decoration of Houses (1897)


The minimally designed Aura pendant light by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio consists only of the bulb and socket, surrounded by a brass ring that highlights the illumination; this strict composition makes for a piece that is both practical, and very modern in style.

From $345, available directly from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Kitchen Tools by FD Style

No kitchen is complete without a set of matching, perfectly-designed, useful tools; this collection designed by Hagino Mitsunobu, FD Style, is just that.

The ergonomically correct, stainless steel tools are coated in rustproof fluorine resin, leaving them with a durable matte finish. The line includes graters, peelers, a sturdy and multi-tasking corkscrew, an upgrade to the oh-so-simple can opener, and perhaps the most elegantly minimal bottle opener you can get your hands on.

From $36, available online at Rikumo