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Acne Studios Menswear FW12

Acne’s Fall 2013 collection for men was inspired by the “father” of modern Swedish literature, August Strindberg. A prolific and highly knowledgeable man, Strindberg was a playwright, poet, novelist, essayist, painter, telegrapher, theosophist, photographer, and alchemist. Above all, he was a supreme self-promoter. Shameless, and interested in the idea of the self-sell, Strindberg used his own image as a branding mechanism, printing portraits of himself on cards he distributed.

Studying these portraits, you’ll find that Strindberg was quite the dresser, a dapper man in strict collars and tucked ties. This 19th-century style translated in a way that is a bit of a departure for Jonny Johansson and Acne, but maintains the clarity and strength of line and simplicity that set the label apart. In lieu of the cliché bow tie or a dandy-approach to coats and outerwear, the collection stays decidedly Swedish, but still nobby, with a lot of loose, long shirts, sport and military-inspired coats, and a signature cropped pant. Neck scarves, bits of lush shearling, tall boots, and Florentine prints, straight from the books of another time, elevate the collection to a place of subtle, artistic elegance.

Photos: Acne Studios