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Tim Coppens SS12

Tim Coppens’ S/S 2012 collection is a great representation of his capability as a designer. Heavy on outerwear, the collection combined Coppens’ mastery of athletic wear (having previously worked for Ralph Lauren’s RLX line), and elegant finishes that suggest formality.

See the collection at: Tim Coppens

James Modern Terrariums

By carefully considering vessel, arrangement, and habitats parallel to those found in nature, Jeffrey Schneider of James Modern Terrariums has artfully re-envisioned the terrarium. This exacting attention to detail not only provides a more stable living environment for the plants, but an undeniably elegant, modern piece of home decor. Jeffrey’s works are not simply a collection of pretty plants under glass, but a carefully executed arrangement, employing the Taoist principles of proportion and scale.

James Modern’s ‘Bespoke’ terrariums are collaboratively designed with each client, and consist of plantings in one-of-a-kind, biomorphic hand-blown vessels. The ‘Ready-Made’ collection features edited compositions that are both chic and low maintenance.

Jeffrey’s history in fashion art direction, and a love of plants (his parents were passionate gardeners, and he grew up collecting his own specimens), feed both his aesthetic and method. This commitment to perfection elevates the terrarium to an artful object with the charm of a peaceful micro-landscape.

James Modern Bespoke terrariums start around $500, Ready-Made terrariums around $100. Delivery/Pick-up is available in New York City. Terrarium components can also be shipped with detailed planting instructions.

More at James Modern Terrariums

Bjørg – Heresy

Norwegian jewelry label Bjørg has released a short film titled Heresy, associated with their 2012 collection. Though potentially disturbing, the imagery in this film is undoubtedly dreamlike and builds an interesting narrative for the jewelry. Heresy is the third in a series of short films directed by Matias and Mathias for Bjørg, and the landscape-heavy, somber theme extends to the collection’s lookbook, which is definitely worth exploring for that reason, and to admire Bjørg’s organic but unusually futuristic forms.

See more at Bjørg

Vipp Salt & Pepper Mills

Vipp’s steel rubbish bin has become a Danish design icon, and over the years the company has maintained a strict approach to design and function, limiting their output to just that they’ve perfected. A recent extension into kitchen tools introduces Vipp’s gorgeously executed salt and pepper mills. Crafted from characteristic Vipp materials; stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber, the mills feature an adjustable ceramic grinder that is specifically engineered to optimize the quality of feel and sound while using.

Available at Vipp, $189.

Odyn Vovk FW11

Austin Sherbanenko’s F/W 2011 Odyn Vovk collection is beautifully presented in a lookbook featuring Tony Ward, photographed by Jeff P. The generous silhouettes utilize heavy, rich materials, but are thoughtfully executed in a limited palette, retaining an aura of  fluidity that works so well against a natural background.

See the collection at: Odyn Vovk

Esque Studio

Esque studio is a working collaboration between artists Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. After meeting at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, the partnership led to their own studio, wherein they design and produce sometimes unconventional, but very functional pieces in glass. Now based in Portland, Oregon, Esque has been named part of Time Magazine’s “Design 100,” specifically regarding their commitment to ecologically responsible business. Esque relies on wind-power for their electric furnaces, and their excess glass is, of course, recycled.

Justin Parker is a through-and-through glass expert. Known for his larger-than-life organic and sculptural works, Justin apprenticed under Italian glass master teachers, focusing on sculpture and blown forms. His innovative approach utilizes his thorough skill set, melded with experimental advances in the craft.

In addition to blowing glass, Andi Kovel is recognized as a distinguished accessory designer and fine artist. Her background spans many medias, including glass design for Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. This history allows her to bring an outside approach to glass work, resulting in non-traditional techniques and inventive forms.

The ability to convey emotion through form is what sets Esque apart. The melding of artisan craft and unexpected form results in original, gorgeous pieces. Because of the material, these objects exhibit a sort of permanence that allows them to surpass trends or pre-conceived standards for glass work.

My favorite Esque pieces, clockwise from top left: Blessed Lamp, $448; Blasfemur Desk Light, $1792; Aqua Infant Watering Globes, $224; Mercury Drip Light, $1064; Beaker-Esque, $1232-$1900

More at: Esque Shop