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Felice Varini

At first glance, it may appear as if these images are the product of overlay graphics on photography. In fact, artist Felice Varini paints these site-specific geometric designs directly onto architectural surfaces. The pattern (as a whole) is only visible at a specific vantage point, and if you are at closer level, it will simply appear as broken lines, an interesting component of the piece. In his project Cercle et suite d’eclats, he has even applied a pattern to the town of Vercorin in Switzerland.

Swiss-born, Paris-based Varini may not be the only artist to use projector-assisted, anamorphic effect, but the fact that he has been doing this for over thirty years, coupled with his precise manner and use of scale elevate his work to serious recognition.

See more at: Felice Varini
Photos: Felice Varini

Dries Van Noten SS12

Dries Van Noten is one of my absolute favorites, however, it is no secret that his collections can be a little inconsistent. That said, this may be one of the best executed, congruent, and interesting of the S/S 2012 men’s presentations. The collection is deep with full looks, but separates are noticeable without being reliant on the styling or ensemble. The palette is one you might expect for F/W, but in this context, translates perfectly to spring. Rich finishes that don’t look overworked, sumptuous layers, and a lack of prints amounted to a really dignified, but clearly Dries collection.

See the collection at: style.com
Photos: Yannis Vlamos

Buckler SS12

English designer Andrew Buckler’s S/S 2012 men’s collection accommodated a lot of styles, most of which read as a little pedestrian. However, there were a few standout pieces that speak well for the collection. I especially liked the fits, and subtle plays on sizing and hoods.

See the collection at: style.com
Photos: Buckler

The Golden Filter – Syndromes

In collaboration with Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli, The Golden Filter have released a six-song soundtrack attached to a short film titled Syndromes. The film is a very atmospheric piece, with an eerie narrative that complements the music perfectly. The soundtrack has been released digitally, and also in a very limited vinyl edition, which includes a DVD of the film.

Timo Weiland SS12

Co-designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein presented their first runway show at New York Fashion Week. Under the label Timo Weiland, their S/S 2012 collection includes both men’s and women’s looks. The women’s pieces covered a lot of ground, but most everything was connected by the thread of Springtime lightness, executed with lush accents. Interesting dual skirts and the use of prints and cutouts made some memorable impressions, and a collaboration with Tsubo introduced shoes that attracted as much attention as the garments. Menswear was simple, with a clear coastal put-on, but city-ready. The tailored details and finishing helped to refine the overall sporty core of this collection.

See the collection at: style.com
Photos: Timo Weiland

Interview: Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is one of the most distinguished stylists in the fashion industry, and her name is becoming equally revered in the beauty market. As a young adult, Rodin modeled in Italy, then returned to New York, where she tried her hand at photography, discovering she was better at dealing with the clothing and styling aspect of the craft. She proceeded to open the first boutique in SoHo (Linda Hopp, in 1979), serve as an editor at Harper’s Bazaar, build a prolific freelance styling career, and, most recently, launch the very successful Olio Lusso face oil and corresponding product line.

Possessing an innate style and natural beauty, Rodin avoids the mess of fleeting fashion trends, but still has her finger on the pulse of what is relevant. She has become her own best spokesperson. A collector of beautiful things, accomplished entrepreneur, and self-admitted aesthete, Rodin graciously agreed to answer a few questions for The General Aesthete.

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